Useful Terms:

Pharmakon – A Greek word that refers to something that is both a cure and a poison. All “Pharmakoi” (plural) are denoted with names inspired by those of Greek god or goddesses names (e.g. Athena, Asclepius, etc.)

Kairos – A Greek word that means a moment in time, specifically a moment in which something notable or important happens.


Athena – An elementary school student who finds herself back in time with a completely new name and identity. She aims to save her father from his untimely death. Her name originates from the Greek goddess Athena, known for her wisdom and level-headedness.

Asclepius – An old friend of Athena’s father. He helps her in her quest to save her father.

Lucius Reynold – Athena’s father and a surgeon at a local hospital.

Illysia Reynold – Athena’s human form. She is a kindergartener.


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